The primeval code

The “primeval code” was discovered by two Swiss biologists at the end of the 1980s.

They observed that germinable seeds and fish spawn exposed to an electrostatic field resulted in higher yields. Daniel Ebner, son of one of the two discoverers, continued his father's work and developed the “FIOS Greenbox” for home users, which was presented in raum&zeit No. 188. There are now numerous positive reports.

The prehistoric code is revealed through the modification of the genetic expression of an organism exposed to the static electric field
The genetic code present in the organism is not technically modified (changed) either through insertion or deletion.
The fact that a change is occurring is demonstrated visually by the change in the phenotype of the exposed organism.
The ingredients, behavior, nutrient utilization, fertility and growth rate can also change.
The influence of an electrostatic field on a developing organism can lead to altered phenotypes.

Luc Bürgin, a Swiss journalist, wrote a book about the story of this discovery:
The primeval code. Published by LMV Verlag under ISBN 978-3-7844-3587-9.